Wales’ first Menopause Café – here at BAH

Announcing the first Menopause Café in Wales, to be held at Barnabas Arts House! Join us on Saturday 14th July 11.00 – 12.30.

The Menopause is a stage of womanhood that can be ill-defined and is often misunderstood and rarely spoken about. For some women the physical changes that occur may also be accompanied by changes in their personal lives: perhaps supporting ageing parents, coping with adolescents undergoing their own hormonal change or leaving home for college etc. Things that were easy for us to deal with before, suddenly cause us to feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. This may result in feelings of anxiety and alienation.

The Menopause Café is an opportunity for people to get together to share and discuss their experiences, at the same time increasing their awareness and understanding of the menopause. Barnabas Arts House, Newport, offers a unique and safe environment within which the Menopause Café and these discussions can take place.

There is no charge for this event. Teas, coffees and delicious cakes are available for purchase from the Gallery café.

Philomena Jordan-Patrikios is Organiser of Menopause Café Newport, South Wales. A Wellness & Life-coach, Philomena has run Wellness retreat days for women’s groups, drop-in mindfulness sessions for the community and is currently working on a Mindfulness & the Menopause workshop to raise awareness in the workplace. Philomena’s skill is in engaging people and making them feel valued for who they are. She encourages women to explore the choices they have in life to live to their true potential. The menopause, in many cases, can be viewed as an opportunity to begin this new transition. 

For more information on other treatments Philomena offers, please see:

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