Studio Life – new works on show at Barnabas

Studio Life – new works on show at Barnabas

‘Sebastian Aplin – Studio Life’ opens at Barnabas Arts House on 6 March.

We are excited at being given the opportunity to exhibit Sebastian’s works. He has such developed observational skill in the shapes, patterns and idiosyncrasies that present themselves. The honesty and complex simplicity of the arrangements are mesmerising. This promises to be an outstanding show.

All works are for sale and the exhibition continues until 21 April.

Private View is on Friday 9th March at 6-9pm.


Anything is interesting to paint with the right attitude. Through painting the studio and the objects in it I have directed my attention to how to use colour and form to best represent what is in front of me.  I feel that my struggle to create beautiful paintings leads me to think about the nature of beauty and its complex relationship with imperfection. 

Sebastian Aplin –  ‘Studio Life’ Exhibition BAH 2018

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