Postcards From The Edge is a quirky, all-year-round, open submission exhibition now based permanently in the lower level gallery at Barnabas Arts House.

The concept was born a couple of years ago when gallery owner, Janet Martin who also runs Gwent’s longest established independent picture framing business, Gwent Picture Framing made it into work during bad snowy conditions. Customers were hardly forthcoming due to the severe weather and her eyes settled on a pile of wood off-cuts, oddments left redundant in a corner. Quickly, Jan set to work making piles of 6×4 frames, all set to the same postcard sized dimensions and an exhibition was swiftly born.

Postcards From The Edge is recycling in action, it embodies the whole ‘make do and mend’ philosophy and engages with the surrounding community. For this distinct collection is unique in that it is based on the principle of inclusivity, featuring both emerging and established creative types and encompassing all skill sets.

The ever changing exhibition strives to give people a break from mass produced monotony and instead hopes to offer a refreshing celebration of handmade originality where individuality and imaginative independent makers are appreciated. The most expensive piece featured is an original work by Royal Academy painter, Philip Muirden priced at £50 accentuating how the show also offers the chance for art lovers to own original works of art at affordable prices. In addition, Postcards From the Edge presents a great opportunity for artists looking to gain exposure and get much desired exhibition experience on their CV to do so.

The process of being part of the show could not be simpler, just pop by Barnabas Arts House and select a custom made frame of your choice.  Hanging fees and framing costs are covered in a £5 entry fee and then once you take your chosen frame home and fill it with your work, return the frame along with title and selling price. Aside from the £5 per work entry fee, Barnabas Arts House does not take any gallery commission.

Postcards From The Edge has been a well received feature at Newport’s only independent arts house, now very much established as part of the furniture, representing a transient miniature original art gallery where each time you visit works will have been bought and new ones instantly put in their place.

All works are postcard sized presenting a variety of mediums all working to the same set of dimensions in a myriad approaches. See the world in macro, come and examine a plethora of tiles each offering an insight into how differently each of us interpret the same old world around us.

Argus POSTCARDS Article 09.11.12