Instead of the Egg

What is Instead of the Egg?


“As a child living in a working class South Wales environment times were often hard. Easter came and went and often cash shortage prompted my mother to purchase some ankle socks or a few pairs of knickers and present them to me at Easter; unwrapped and without ceremony and say that they were Instead of the Egg. I felt cheated, disappointed and hard done by and in many ways I was!” Janet Martin – BAH

Instead of the Egg has been set up to achieve quite the opposite.

Instead of the Egg promotes:
• communication
• kindness
• trust
• creativity
• friendship
• resourcefulness
• footfall to a premises
• recycling
• self esteem improvement
• social skills
• responsibility
• movement
• wellbeing
also it costs nothing!


 How it works

Instead of the Egg is not computer-based. Although there will be a web presence listing venues operating the scheme. A participating place has an Instead of the Egg branded area where a series of ‘deals’ or ‘swaps’ or ‘needs’ or ‘offers’ are posted. None of these involve money! It is up to the participating adult to contact another by whichever means or by meeting up to discuss (thus promoting friendship) and the swap or deal is agreed.

Examples of swaps:

“I need a lift to Bristol Airport on 5/3/2016. I can offer:  babysitting,ironing, IT help. Tel:01633 123456”
“I am good at decluttering but rubbish at sewing. Fancy a swap?”
“I love cleaning and shopping. I hate paperwork and making pastry.”
“I love knitting, but don’t know how to send a photo in an email. Ring:01633 123456”

Swaps/deals may involve several people at the same time and as long as they are all happy, then trust forges thearrangement.
There is no admin as participants have to take responsibility for their own conduct.

Any participating premises has to liase with Barnabas Arts House to get the kit.

The ads stay on for 1 month. They can then be replaced if wanted/required.

If you want to get involved contact: Janet Martin • Barnabas Arts House • 01633 673739 •


Instead of the Egg is up and running at Barnabas Arts House and was officially launched by Dame Rosemary Butler AM on 1st April 2016.