More drama at Barnabas…

On Thurs 27 July Barnabas will be hosting a Preview Performance of Between The Crosses 

A Flying Bridge Theatre Limited Production written by William Huggins

A Brand new one-person-show from the producers of the international, multi-award winning hits A Regular Little Houdini, Not About Heroes, Skyhawk and The Lament of George Shell

Between the Crosses is a story of survival, loss and hope. A thrilling and uplifting yarn, written around the life, and featuring the real interview of Edgar Huggins, a World War One veteran and the last surviving member of the Durham Light Infantry. His stories of the battles at Ypres and the Somme, are not extra-ordinary or spectacular, they are honest, shocking and direct; unlike so many of his generation who, in the interest of national security post and sparing loved ones at home, held their tongues. The play focuses on the difficulties of being a survivor and on our need to create heroes. What is a hero? The survivor who left his pals in the field? The man who spares his family the trauma of what he has seen? If the experiences are not dealt with, will we ever learn? And what lessons will be learned and what is lost when a significant, historic event passes from living memory.
“A truly superb play!” Wales Arts Review
Tickets £8 (£7 concessions) available from Barnabas Arts House on 01633 673739.
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