At last the Phyllis Maud Performance Space (previously known as Pill Gents Toilets) is ready to open its doors!

After over a year of graft, meetings and financial outpouring, the relief of knowing that we can be proud of this beautiful building being ‘ours’ is amazing. Also the knowledge that the building has been saved, repaired and generally ‘loved up’ to become, once again, an architectural gem and putting Newport firmly on the map for innovation and creativity.

National interest is promised, but to start with on SUNDAY 14 APRIL at 2pm the PHYLLIS MAUD WILL BE OFFICIALLY OPENED. A special stage will be erected so that performers can be viewed from the grassy area outside the Phyllis Maud Performance Space.

If you would like to be considered for performing on this auspicious occasion please give Jan at Barnabas Arts House a ring on 01633 673739 or email:

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