Ajay has landed…

Fresh from sunny Goa, India, the acclaimed artist Ajay Kothawale is resident at Barnabas Arts House commencing Tues 23 July.

A programme of talks and workshops will be released in the coming days. This really will be an opportunity not to be missed.
The exhibition, ‘Emotional Tones’, of Ajay’s recent work will be officially opening on Tues 30 July.

Ajay’s work reflects the colour, pace, vibrancy and idiosyncratic nature of life in India. Elephants and Tuk Tuks abound and ordered chaos rules within the landscape of his paintings. If you’ve ever visited this amazing country the paintings will resonate with your experiences there. If you haven’t travelled to India then viewing this exhibition will make you feel like a magic carpet has flown you there!

The exhibition officially opens at 6.30pm on Tues 30 July and continues through the month of August until 7 September here at BAH.

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