“A Regular Little Houdini” – returns to Newport!

Prior to UK & USA Tour, ‘A Regular Little Houdini’ is being performed in Newport (the setting of the play), by Daniel Llewelyn-Williams at Barnabas Arts House this December. 

For 3 nights only, on Thursday 10, Friday 11 & Saturday 12 December you have the opportunity to see this magnificent one man show. Tickets are £10/£5 concessions and available from BAH. So call in to see us or ring 01633 673739. 

 Set in Newport docks between 1905 and 1913. A young boy from Pill, grows from boy to man. He is obsessed with Houdini and Magic. Houdini visited Wales twice in the Edwardian period sparking huge controversy with his cunning self-promotion stunts. On both occasions, run-ins with Newport police eventually lead to arrest and a court appearance in Newport. 

We see the eight years, book ended by Houdini’s two visits, through the young boy’s eyes. He lives through and tells of the massive industrial growth of South Wales, the building of the transporter bridge, the Newport dock disaster of 1909, which killed 39 people. Growing to adulthood, he measures himself against the real working class heroes in his family, yet holds on to the ultimate dream of emulating his fantasy hero, Houdini. 

A moving, fantastical story of the imagination and spirit of youth, versus the cynicism of adulthood in a ruthless, industrial Britain.

This show is accessible to people of all ages, particularly ten years and above. There are magic tricks and fantastical stories of monsters, a cyclops and even an appearance by Houdini himself.

For further details visit: http://www.aregularlittlehoudini.co.uk/the-play.html


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